Monday, April 26, 2010


This moment
This Year
In this Lifetime

Progressively diluting versions of presence
Decreasingly focused experiences of Here - This Place

At the moment of conception my entire History was Now
A moment later I acquired a past, and ever since I've been trying to escape it
to find my way back to Now, back to that eternal, singular moment

I brust at it. It brushes me.
But miracles are still too precious
I cannot simply let one by without wanting to hold it a little while
turning it into memory
and I am suddenly in my past again

The Flowers are still too beautiful not to want to pick them
take them home with me

Grateful for times I cannot think
when words and names fail to rise above the clamor of life all around
I become still, in one form or another
I slow down to the speed of Earth

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