Friday, September 3, 2010

Ashbridges Bay to Sea

Yes, by sea. We may be on Lake Ontario, but it feels like the sea to me.
As previously posted, Captain Ponczka and I have been dodging thunderheads...literally.
We're into our 4th day of sailing (a personal best for us!) and we've come 97 kilometers (another best!!!)
We're in the lovely Cobourg Marina, sheltered from the rain we came in just ahead of.
Port Hope, where we sheltered last night, is a sweet little town, with helpful, friendly people, but the marina was a pit last night. We made it in having waited out a lightning and thunder storm by dancing about in the lake, and got in just as it was getting dark.
We found outselves on an exposed wall in the mouth of the Ganaraska River, where our little boat was tossed and bounced and rocked all night. It got worse as the morning passed, and we finally decided - urged on by several of the good Port Hopers - to make a run for Cobourg. And here we, dry and happy, having had an adventure getting out of there, climbing over breaking waves, and with the wind menacing.
It's GREAT being sailors, being on the water hours every day, watching it's changing moods and faces, and adjusting, getting better as we go.
We may be here a couple of days. The forecasts promises heavy winds and more storms.
So we'll explore this little city - which looks very inviting from here.
Maybe we'll hole up in our boat's little cabin with some of our homemade wine later on.
A great week on the high seas.

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