Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Going For That Next Spin

I Love that we've come past Solstice, that each day brings minutes more sunlight than the day before, that we're on that long, inevitable arc toward summer. The planet comes to another birthday, another spin around the sun as we mark it in years. Let's ride around too, so long as we can.

I remember this year clearly through my blogging. This has been a new voice for me, and I feel its ebbs and flows, note how one feeling or observation about some piece of my world burbles up here in words, while others do not, but  come out somewhere else, or remain stewing and fermenting and deepening inside, awaiting their time. It's been encouraging to get your occassional comments, but even more nourishing to have you tell me, when we meet or speak, that you've been thinking about something I wrote, or that a piece gave you something pleasant in your day. I LOVE that!

Thank you all for coming here and exploring some of my harvest from walking about in the world. That's what this blog is more than anything else - feeling and reacting to being alive. Here. Now. In Toronto, in 2011, none of which is quite that anymore, such being the persistence of change. It's a record of some of the spashes that have accompanied my flow through life. Developing this voice, and this space, is growing me in unpredictable ways. And you out there, being ears I can whisper into, help this growth along. Thank you so much!

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