Friday, February 10, 2012

Images from the Colony

Our time winds down.
No adequate way to describe being here.

Spaceous, Peaceful,
A generous face of Life on Earth

Above is the barn, from the road that leads down to the tiny village of Austerlitz in the direction I'm coming from. It's two miles back, gently rising all the while.

Millay called this place Steepletop.
The Berkshire Hills surround us.
She lived here from the late twenties until her death in 1950.

The barn was bought from a Sears catalogue

This is the barn from above, from the new 'main' building, built about 15 years ago.
The latter's common area is pictured below.

Edna had about 700 acres here. It stretches in three directions from these five buildings.
On the fourth side is State Land, which also borders the colony on other sides.

One of Ponczka's favorite things is the swimming pool and garden,
standing a few yards from Edna's house and from the road
in the middle of forest.


It's been an amazing expanse of open days.
We've both luxuriated in hours of time with our work,
no demands from the world crowding in,
paced by the sun slowly gliding across the sky.

It's been much warmer these last days. Ponczka's spent a few blocks of time, painting landscapes.

Millay had a small writing cabin built,
above the pool and on the way to a tennis court which lies on a high rise.

Below is Marzena's beginning at capturing a view from the tennis court

We're leaving here soon.
Taking a lot with us

Millay, or Vincent as she was called
acquired success and fame early.
She spent her last decades here, and was buried deep in the woods
near where her Mother Cora already lay
joined there later by sister Norma, who founded this Colony

Spaces were created here
And Space endures

Edna's House


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  2. I really like Marzena's painting. Please let her know.