Monday, December 31, 2012

No Space, No Time; Just Here, Just Now

One of my recent discoveries on the Jazz front is a British group of artists who call themselves United Vibrations. The title of the cut that I featured on a recent Jazz Gumbo podcast is paraphrased in this blog’s title ( ). I wonder, as I listen to this fast-paced groove, whether the young masters know the wisdom of their mantra, or whether they’re just passing on some learned philosophy. I can’t help but to suppose the latter, though in the interview segment in which I caught some of their thoughts about music and politics and life, they sounded remarkably mature and thoughtful. It’s just that, well, I’ve always thought of myself as mature and thoughtful, and yet this knowledge is proving so difficult for me to absorb.
You see, I no longer doubt the truth of Nowness, which to my own ears has been most helpfully expressed by Eckhart Tolle. But getting past the intellectual blocks doesn’t in itself make a truth liveable.

And so, my struggle with time continues. Maybe not so much a struggle anymore (I’ve progressed that far – I’m more accepting of my inability to have the dimensions and capacities of time accommodate themselves to me). But I still experience, what shall I call it ... disappointment? ... at what I can fit into the sweeping of the clock’s hand, and what I cannot.
Oh well. I’ve gotten much better at pulling myself back into the moment, into now, and feeling the relief, the peace, the gratitude that descends, as I realize again that “ doubt, the universe is unfolding as it should”, and that “this” – whatever “this” is in its moment – is immanently embraceable.

I’ll still take the time, however, to make my occasional resolutions about my engagement with time. And there’s no better time than now. The beginning of the New Year, Solstice just passed, the days already creeping long, coming out of this odd, suspended moment that is the week between Christmas and New Year.
What are my resolutions? It doesn’t really matter, does it? A resolution is, at best, a small piece of that ongoing conversation between self and self, which is also a conversation between self and existence, between what I am and what I dream, between the elemental and the possible, in all things.

Love to you. All the brightest hopes for your New Year. And may you walk in perfect harmony with time.


  1. I think Nowness can be done on a tiny scale...Teeny tiny...Having a nap...Taking a bath...Eating a sandwich...I think disappointment occurs when one sets oneself up for goals which are too big, then when one fails to achieve them because they were actually just too big...I think once you detail the teeny tiny choices one makes every day, all day long, eventually you get a whole day all sorted out where every single little thing basically makes you happy...The more tiny choices that make you happy in the humdrum life the more likely you are to tip the scale into maybe joy...I got an automatic toothbrush on sale for $6.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart that has made my mornings ever so much more joyful...Teeny tiny things...Tim Horton's makes an excellent panini sandwich...We watched all the Bourne Identity movies (4)...Ok, feeding the Trumpeter swans at Bluffer's Park is not teeny, but it is a great thing to do in winter, for them & for yourself- feeding birds anywhere is joyful...A strong cup of tea...Happy New year, thank God this whole holiday season is over, now we can go back to sanity! Sari (& Joseph & the bengal cats, B'Elanna & Jadzia)...

  2. A beautiful note, Sari. You are absolutely right. Nowness comes down to such tiny, in-the-moment choices, I think. And great things can't happen all at once - they have to grow out of the small increments of tiny, right, choices, don't they?
    I'm so with you on the blessed end of the holiday season. And Happy New Year, to you and Joseph and the bengal cats!