Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fewer Words

      I had an English teacher - Mr. Drummey - who would say, as he designated new words for our vocabulary: "With every new word, you can Think a new Thought."
      The idea is reasonable. But I couldn't help but wonder if words don't get in the way. Maybe they limit our thoughts, by funneling them into too rigid channels. Maybe without words our thoughts would range more freely into territory that ordered language won't allow.

      Samuel R. Delany wrote a sci-fi novel - Babel-17 - about an alien invasion by means of language. The language changed the way the mind operates, and thereby the perceptions and functioning of the person using the language.

      Sometimes, I just want fewer words. Fewer chances to tangle up my reality in layers of unwanted possibility or diluting specificity. Less chance to dull my emotion behind protocol and the lessons of the past.
      I want PURER but not more PERFECT - There it is, right there: truth lost in parsing obfuscation.
      Sometimes, the deeper I go, the less I manage to say.
      Can't I say anything SHORT?


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  3. no

    (No caps intentional lest it infer some form of beginning or emphasis. No period used lest that suggest an ending...though the lack of use doesn't suggest a continuation either.)

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