Thursday, August 15, 2013

All is Vanity...(and striving after Wind)

Funny Story...

I was at work this afternoon, procrastinating, avoiding the desk work I needed to get to.

Somehow, I wind up on the computer site 'Goodreads' where people share what they've read, are reading and plan to read.

I read this review of "Last Exit to Brooklyn" by a woman name Izzy. Now I really admired the book, and Izzy acknowledges all its power, but then makes some pretty insightful, critical comments and ends up slamming the book. So, respecting Izzy's different take, I do what I often do, and decide to check out her bookshelf and see what else she's read.

So, as I go through Izzy's list of books, I become intrigued by the fact that she seems to share my reading tastes. I mean, I've read all the same books, and I see that she's given them just about the same ratings that I would.

On page two of her list, I finally come across a book I haven't read, but then I see that she hasn't either! It's on her "to read" list!

So, I'm really becoming fascinated at this point. I mean it's not like all the books are of the same type, either. She's read, and loved The Metamorphosis and Stephen King's The Stand AND The Unbearable Lightness of Being AND Claude McKay's Banana Bottom (and found both The Alchemist and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo only so-so) AND Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis Series AND The Sot-Weed Factor AND The Iliad AND Tau Zero AND Dreiser's An American Tragedy (and plans to read Cormac McCarthy's The Road) AND The Assistant… and it just goes on and on like that.

So I'm really liking this Izzy. And I'm thinking I just have to send her a note, telling her how remarkably similar our reading tastes are. And I'm thinking this MUST indicate a kind of compatibility, and I'm even feeling a tiny bit guilty because of how much I like this Izzy, because Ponczka doesn't read ANY of the stuff I like to read. She hardly even reads my BLOG, but I bet Izzy would…

And so I'm already having this imagined, potential relationship with this reading soulmate I'm going to send a message to, when…

I look at the top of the web page and see that all along I've been looking through my OWN book list.

...Do I laugh, cry or kick myself?


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  1. Haha, made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the study break