Saturday, September 21, 2013

Balance & Direction

I haven't posted here in almost a month, which is ironic in that I've been writing more steadily than in a long while. I've been more steady about a number of things...trying hard to reset a regimen that I believe will raise my level of functioning. Why? Because of frustration at my lack of progress, and even a lack of integrity, in areas that are very important to me: my work with vulnerable youth, my writing, my relationships.

In order to be more present and effective in these areas, I've focused on some basics:
- getting up earlier and being out of the house by a particular time every morning
  (important because I'm relatively free to arrange my work day, and procrastination  and distraction have shifted my entire schedule to later hours, which has eroded my efficiency)
- daily meditation (important because it grounds me, generating better focus and energy. My thinking is clearer and my reactions are more sound)
- daily creative writing (important because I believe it's what I am to do - one of the gifts I am given that I am to give)

There are other aspects to this refocusing, such as exercising more and eating better, but it's really the three things I've noted that are the foundation pieces.

So simple...and yet.
This regimen has led directly to my neglect of this blog, and to my hiatus from Jazz Gumbo, my weekly, internet jazz show. I'm actually wondering if I may have to give them up, or substantially shift the way I approach them. Because my priorities and energies are shifting, the balance of hours and days weighs differently. Awareness generating choice, generating change, generating awareness, and so on.

No answers yet. And I'm grateful for that. I'm willing (hoping even) that answers come slowly. I've grown tired and wary of the fast kind.



  1. Glad. You are keeping the writing, it is always top drawer. Hard to make room in your life for all the things that invigorate you, but stick to the ones that you will be thinking back on with love and affection on your last day.

    1. Thanks, Toby! That's a good perspective to take. And support like yours makes quite a positive difference. Thanks for reading!