Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How Many Trumps Will It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

It will take one Trump to proclaim himself the greatest light bulb changer of all time: “It’s going to be great, folks. There will be light like you’ve never had it before. Really fantastic light. Just wait and see. No one has ever changed a light bulb like I’m gonna change a light bulb! Trust me!”
It will take another Trump to denounce and insult all previous and rival light bulb changers: “They’re all phonies and liars and crooks. They’ve been bringing you fake light. They’re horrible people. But now I’m here, and you’ve never seen light bulb changing like I’m gonna show you!”
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A third Trump will be needed to berate anyone who would dare suggest that his previous experience (tying his shoelaces, using a fork, walking, dressing himself, choosing barbers, etc.) ill prepares him to change light bulbs: “I’m very, very talented. I’m going to do an amazing job. I know more about changing light bulbs than professional light bulb changers. Because, you know, I’m very smart. And I’m a winner!”
Another Trump will be called upon to deny multiple failures during his years of tying his own shoe laces: “It’s absolutely untrue that I once tied the laces from my right shoe to the laces of my left shoe, causing me to fall flat on my face as soon as I stood up. But if I did, it was probably for a good reason.”
Yet another Trump will be required to dodge scandals about behavior inappropriate to light bulb changers: “No, I have never, ever changed a battery. Not a cell phone battery, or the battery in the smoke detector, or even a flashlight battery. Anyone who says so is a liar. I’ve never tried to change a battery and I would never think about trying to change a battery. But if I did change a battery, I’d be the best battery changer ever!
Finally, at least one more Trump will be needed to ramp up fear about the horrific darkness that will descend if he and he alone doesn’t change the light bulb: “It would be a disaster! People would die! The world would come to an end if I, and only I – remember, I’ll the only one who’s qualified – didn’t change the light bulb. It would be soooo bad, you wouldn’t believe it! But that’s not gonna happen. Because I’ve been elected – in a landslide – to change the light bulb. And when I do, IT IS GOING TO BE LIGHT AGAIN!”
Oh, one more. There has to be a Trump to buy the lightbulb from another Trump, who will make the light bulb (in China), through Trump the middle man, at enormous profit to all: “But it’ll be the best light bulb that money can buy!”
I’ve lost track. But eventually we will come to the Trump who does the actual screwing. And America will see the light.
Because, of course this would all be merely a theoretical exercise, but for the fact that some sixty-two million Americans decided that one Donald J. Trump was just the person to bring America back into that light. (And despite the fact that sixty-five million were convinced that he was not)
Which brings this levity to where it takes a sorrowful turn. Because sixty-two million of our fellow citizens decided that running the country that leads the world was probably no more difficult and required hardly more wisdom, skill, maturity, humility, self-awareness, respect for facts, consideration for others – in short, INTEGRITY – than it takes to change a light bulb.
They were mistaken.
The irony is that, all along, the sky has been brightening. Slowly but steadily, America has been moving toward its promise. There’s been an effort to intentionally overlook how truly dark America was eight years ago. Absurd claims are made that America has descended from something that was better over the last eight years, that we’ve fallen from an imaginary 2008 in which we enjoyed the higher regard of the world, and greater prosperity and safety at home. But even the resurgence of race as an issue doesn’t reflect something new, but rather something old and festering that is now coming into view under a brighter light. But sadly, in Trump, America has reached for the light switch, and is pulling the shades against the sun.
Good luck with that light bulb, Mr. Trump. Be prepared for a period of darkness, America. May it be oh so brief.


  1. I think that your a terrific weiter with as compelling narrative. Like "Cassandara" of old though, you proclaim a truth that no one will hear. It is a curse to be the one proclaimimg an accurate picture of present and future realitiies and have to stand by and watch people ignore your insight.

    1. Thank you, Toby. Yes, Cassandra. If you haven't, check out Michael Moore's prediction a few months back, that Trump would win, and why.

  2. Alex always thought Trump would win . . . not necessarily for anything meritorious, but because he'd proved himself to be of the species 'shrewd and successful businessmen'...many of whom are not at all deserving of the praise heaped upon them. I never liked the man from the get go, for reasons known too well to many of us and do not bear repeating. As well, the American electoral system did not help in making sure Trump lost the election...
    I enjoyed your witty and succinct diatribe, Kirby, and appreciate where you are coming from...unfortunately, unless there is a chance of impeachment, the US, and the world, must deal with Trump...and unfortunately todays light bulbs promise to burn indefinitely...)

    Alex's response:
    Having lived through fascism and communism in my youth nothing in the present day America can make me concerned about the future of the Mankind. The Universe unfolds as it should. The World needs a Trump at the present time. If you are an American who believes in all the fairy stories of the America past then I can understand why you would be upset with Trump as a president. However you should realize that American presidents are not dictators. There are checks and balances in the system. The problem is the alarmist Media.

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  4. Alas, I think we've learned that all it takes is one Trump to do all these things. Thanks for the nightmares of a multi-Trump situation, though.

    I've been trying to figure out how exactly all this happened, as it flies in the face of my belief that humans are, overall, good. My best attempt at reconciling this is that even though people know that he lies (not even clever lies, either), is racist (and proud of it), and sexist (unapologetic, too), people simply like the idea of having the bully fighting on their side rather than against them.

    If that doesn't make any sense to you, then... well yeah, it doesn't make any sense.

  5. Minor thing but the image seems to be broken :-)

  6. great writing Kirby , so pleasure to read and scary....... thank you